How to relieve muscle soreness?

Questions & AnswersCategory: QuestionsHow to relieve muscle soreness?
Jordan Marre asked 3 years ago

Tips to relieve muscle soreness
muscle sore

  • Get proper massage

According to the study, the proper massage during muscle soreness helps in reducing pain. As research showed that massaged muscles contain more blood vessels than free muscles. It also improves the muscle recovery process.
The best way to massage your muscles is after the workout.

  •  Use ice cubes

If you are suffering from muscle soreness then you must use an ice cube over it. It helps in reducing pain, increases the recovery process, and in relieving injuries like swelling in muscles or joints. It is one of the best ways to relieve muscle soreness.
All you have to do is wrap ice cubes in a thin towel. Place it on your sore muscles or swelling for about 15 minutes. You will get instant relief after this.

  • Take a warm bath

For relieving your sore muscles you must take a warm bath. It helps in losing your tight muscles which increases the recovery process. It also boosts the blood circulation of your body and also provides instant relief to your muscles.
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