Everything You Should Know About Creatine Loading

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The fuel of the fitness world is creatine. Creatine loading can be described as the in-take of a more than optimum amount (3 grams per day) of creatine supplement. The intake of more than the maintenance dosage of creatine boosts your creatine storage. But what will be the result of an enhanced quantity of creatine in the fanatics’ veins? Why does the fitness industry go non-compos mentis around this particular element? What can possibly go wrong with an overdose of this elixir of fitness? All such queries will be unboxed in the following sections. Read on!


Creatine is an organic compound and is found naturally in the muscle cells of your body. In case you are a science geek, here is the nominal formula of creatine for you- CNCH2CO2H. While existing in the human body, the major function of creatine is the recycling of the energy currency of the cells: the adenosine triphosphate or in short, ATP.

These recycled ATP molecules are further circulated for the efficient functioning of the muscles and brain cells. Now you know how thousands of years of evolution benefited the creatures.

Understanding the mechanism of creatine action will be the next best thing. Creatine contributes to the fastest route of energy pathway. While in the body, the molecules of creatine combine with the phosphagen molecules. This results in a new chemical compound called phosphocreatine or PCR.

The major function of this combination compound is muscle contraction. We already know that the energy currency of our body is ATP. It provides the cell’s energy for doing work. The vital work of this Pcr is to be a helping hand in the production of this ATP so that the body never runs out of splashes of energy.

Creatine exists in various modifications in solutions. This supplement is considered the principal energy provider to the fitness industry. The intake of creatine hikes the creatine storage of the body straightaway. This provides the users with a boosted energy for few more extra reps within no time.

Faster training gains, improved performance in your routine, are some of the initial cues you are going to witness after your very first dose of creatine loading. Sounds fascinating, right?

Creatine supplements while incorporated into the daily diet will help you develop better bulges of muscles. Undoubtedly, you will be able to show extra vigour in strength and power exercise routines. Creatine supplements have another magical property- the capability to heal. A lot of physiologists from diverse countries medically prescribe their patients who are recovering from accidents and injuries to take a limited amount of creatine supplements paired with a light to moderate workout regime. Creatine is indeed an elixir.

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Creatine loading refers to the phase where you take creatine supplements from the external medium. If your regular diet is rich in meat and fish, your muscles would have a store of nearly 60% to 80% of creatine. The miracle happens when you start taking creatine supplements.

It quickly escalates your muscle storage of creatine. The loading phase is marked by the consumption of a relatively large amount of creatine apart from your regular quota of 3 grams a day. During the creating loading phase, you will observe an elevated level of performance in your gym.

One of the most common creatine loading phases lasts for five to seven days. Each day, the trainer prescribes to take 20 grams of creatine supplement a day. The dosage can be broken into 5 grams of supplement four times a day.

Easy enough! Within few days of your creatine loading phase, the saturation level of your muscle creatine will be high. And that means you can easily gut up for strength-based and strenuous workout routines. Buckle up, champ!

The next important question will be which variety of creatine is most effective for such gains? Here is a list of the creatine constituents present in the market:

  1. Creatine monohydrate
  2. Creatine ethyl-ester
  3. Micronized creatine
  4. Creatine kre-alkalyn

Though all the sub-types are slight variations of each other, creatine monohydrate is the most researched sub-type present in the market. Furthermore, creatine monohydrate is also the cheapest supplement ever. There is no evidence of it being less efficient or more efficient than the other variants. Going for this variety will be an intelligent choice; both physically and economically.

Creatine supplements are present both in powdered and tablet form. If the constituents of the supplement are the same, then both the items are equally worthy. It will be your call. An over-exploitation of any substance will result in deterioration. We don’t want to play with our health now, do we?


The big question all of us face before starting anything new is- whether it is necessary or not? The resolution is hugely psychological. Moving a little deeper into addiction theories, we may say that overdoes or overattachment to anything will result in unnatural addiction. No matter how lightly we use the term, addiction remains a problem at far and large.

When it comes to the creatine loading phase, we understand the dilemma well. While in the creatine loading phase, the body is getting regular pumps of creatine that are invested during high power and strength training sessions. A small quantity of regular doses of creatine supplement, whereas, in no way increases the overall creatine level of the body.

Thus, you can be assured that the equilibrium functioning of your body is not disturbed. Your body is still making the same amount of creatine needed for the renewal of ATP before you started taking the supplements. It is a win-win situation. As a reward for opting for the creatine loading phase, you are getting your triceps in shape.

Though it is possible to saturate your muscles with creatine. But it takes a longer time to accomplish. The most widely accepted method for creatine saturation in the body is an in-take of 3 grams of creatine supplement daily for 28 days. We know the legend, slow and steady wins the race. Go slow with your diet plans and reap the fruits of your determination.


how much creatine loading?

These are the instructions we generally need before trying our hands (specifically guts) on some new supplements. Here is a basic sketch of what we understand should constitute an optimum supplement in-take:

  1. A 5-to-7 day plan is best to start with. You can take 5 grams of your preferred creatine supplement four times a day. That will make it 20 grams a day to start with.
  2. Insulin release is important to fully utilize the developing levels of creatine in muscle cells. Pair your creatine supplement with regular consumption of protein and carbs. Grab that bowl of rice you have been avoiding for so long!
  3. Your absorption in the intestines is a crucial factor to digest and utilize creatine supplements.
  4. At the end of the creatine loading phase, maintain a regular consumption of 3 grams or 5 grams of your preferred creatine supplement. This will help in balancing a high level of creatine saturation.
  5. If you do not want to go through a loading phase, 3-5 grams of creatine supplement will be enough for each day besides your regular meals. Though this process is going to take a longer time to build up creative storage in your bulges.
  6. Hydration is the most important part of the loading phase. Creatine pulls water in a huge amount. Keep your body hydrated while you are passing from a creatine loading phase.

It is always good to set up a proper appointment with your fitness trainer or a dietician if you’re willing to add food supplements to your regular diet. Some of the Dos and DON’Ts that must be followed during a creatine loading phase are:

  1. According to the researches conducted for examining the goodness of creatine, it has been found that creatine supplements do not cause any side effects. No adverse effects are noted.
  2. People with pre-existing liver and kidney problems should consult a doctor before going for a creatine supplement or creatine loading phase.
  3. There is a common complaint among the users of creatine supplements. The supplement is found, supposedly, causing dehydration and cramp. It is therefore advisable for the one planning to take on creatine loading to keep their body hydrated. The ionic balance is mandatory for any supplement to function.

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The most preferred supplement of the fitness houses comes with the following benefits:

  1. Hype up the energy production: The creatine loading does the same thing as the creatine compound in our body does. Replenishing the ATP molecules. Only that the supplement helps in providing saturated storage of creatine in the muscle cells.During exercise, the ATP molecules are invested at a faster rate than it is reproduced.Creatine supplements play their game here. They create phosphocreatine by combining with phosphagen and helps in the production of ATP.
  2. Balance other functioning in the muscle: The simplest way to define it is creatine helps in multiplying muscle mass. The cellular pathways in the muscle cells are enhanced. The protein pathways are altered which results in generating extra muscle fibres that would not have been possible with the cellular creatine alone.Insulin-like growth factors are also energized by a high amount of creatine in the blood flow. This also helps in the development of your biceps and calves.
  3. Hit that high-intensity regime: An increased amount of ATP directly means a higher level of energy in the body. High intensity and strength-based exercises need just the thing. Once you are into a creatine loading phase, you will notice your body to be growing more and more efficient in handling high-intensity routines.To start with, we can say creatine improves the following physical functions: strength, muscle endurance, increased muscle mass, etc. In several studies, brain performance has also been found to be enhanced in people who went through a period of creatine loading.
  4. In recovery: Doctors and physiotherapists prescribe a limited amount of creatine supplement to be paired with one’s regular diet. This is especially effective for those who are recovering from an injury or accident. The application of a creatine loading program is beneficial in regaining the muscle strength in such individuals.
  5. The speedy growth of muscles: Muscle growth is the primary thing the gym rats are running after. For them, creatine loading will be the most effective scheme. The bulging of your muscles may be seen from the very first week of the loading phase. Though this may be due to increased water content in the cells.
    Creatine supplement is beneficial in both short-term as well long-term muscle growth. If you are stretching your intake of creatine supplements even after the loading phase in small amounts, you will be witnessing the result. The muscles are never going to flatten. Flaunt those!

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Being involved with the fitness world would need you to keep a close look at your body. The tones body with bulging triceps and striped packs of the abdomen are created with a lot of practice and determination. A little creatine supplement will only complement the strenuous process. The creatine monohydrate variant, among the other kind of creatines, is found to be the most useful.

Creatine monohydrate is the most researched and most talked about. To put it straight, it is the most reliable variety and safest to use. Creatine molecule in the muscle cells of the body reacts with the phosphagen molecules present in the cells. Phosphagen is the fastest energy pathway in our body. After the reaction, molecules of Phosphocreatine or PCR are produced.

The major contribution of this product is to enhance the production of ATP in the cell. Accelerated production of ATP will help you go for the extra reps of push-ups without draining out your body’s energy content. Get your creatine loading phase aligned with high-power workouts right now! Buildingbeast.