Best 5 cheapest Whey Proteins for bodybuilding

Nowadays, the best and affordable protein is very difficult to find because of the varieties of the products present in the market. There are lots of brands which are offering supplements powder at an affordable price but is it a genuine product? or it is a duplicate product. There is a rapid increase in development of the duplicate supplement powders in the market which is only manufactured to earn money from the consumer whether it is harmful to its body. To make you aware of these types of products, today I will tell you about some the affordable supplement powders which are genuine or authentic and also prescribed by the bodybuilders and trainers. Let’s have a wide look on these supplement powders which we have to analyze and researched for you to make your choice for best easier.

Why Supplement Is Necessary For our Body?

Most of the people like me love to have a best workout to burn calories and to transform body muscles and if you are a gym freak than you must know about the role of diet in body transformation. Diet plays an important role in our body as it provides all the necessary nutrients, protein, and fat or we can say all the essential components to transform our body depends upon our diet.

Supplement powder is a mixture of essential nutrients which helps in building of muscles with increase in muscle tissue, and also if you want to bulk up your body the supplement powder is the effective way to transform your body.

Side effects of Supplement Powders-

People having lack of knowledge states that “supplements powder has its own adverse effects which damages the liver tissues or harm any other part of the body” is a myth. Due to scientific research, supplement powders are the form of essential nutrition which are needed by our body to grow and transform. The supplements powder contains amount of proteins, fats and other various components per serving.

Side effects of supplement takes place only due to several reasons.

  • Supplement powder is not genuine- You have to face lots of problems if you are using a non authenticated supplement powder. If the product is not genuine than it is meant to be manufactured for the purpose of earning money, which has its own adverse effects on the consumers body like liver damage, kidney failure cells damage etc.
  • Excessive use of the supplement- Excessive use of supplements is not an option to increase body growth transformation, as it will only harm your body. The supplements powders are made for completing the nourishment of the body. If the body gets nourishes in a undefine manner, so it will definately harm the cells pf the body. If you want to transform so stay patience! and have the servings as it is prescribed or suggested.
  • Consumer is Suffering from Problems- if a consumer is suffering from some diseases like liver problems, digestion problem etc is strictly not supposed to consume the supplement powders without any consult of health doctors. The consume of supplement powders by a person having such problem can cause adverse effects on body and can harm the body parts. Consult a heath doctor before using it.

How Whey Protein Works?

Protein is a nutrient which helps in increasing your muscle mass, strength and potential of growth. Consuming a protein after the workout makes it more effective. As the body tissues are splashed after the workout, consuming of protein shake at this time results to fill up the tissues with essential nutrition and helps in rapid recovery of these tissues with a muscle growth. It also helps in restoring the glycogen level of body. A 20gm to 30gm of serving per scoop should be consume after a post workout.

What you should Look on a best whey protein?

  • For what purpose you are buying it- You should know for what purpose you are buying whey protein; for losing fat / for building muscles.
  • Per spoon servings- How many servings does the whey protein provides per scoop. It should be usually between 22 and 26 grams per scoop.
  • With which medium you are consuming your whey protein- Water/Milk/Shake
  • Flavour- What flavour you prefer the most ( Chocolate, Vanilla, Oreo etc )
  • Additional Nutrients are present or not- Additional nutrients such as Lactose fats, etc are present or not.
  • Fits on Budget or not.

Best 6 Cheap Whey Protein Powder:

  1. Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard

The most highly recommended whey protein over the world. As we know isolates whey is the purest form of whey. Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein provides us the isolate as well as the concentrate forms. It is generated with the best of the ingredients and contains the 100% whey. Each of its serving contains 24 grams of whey protein which is easily digestible by the human body. It also contains low levels of fats, lactose and other additional components. It can be consumed either in water, milk or shake.

Benefits of Optimum Nutrition

  • It is the primary source of whey protein, as it provides the purest isolate form of whey protein which gives all the essential nutrition along with protein and helps in rapid muscle formation.
  • It contains 4.2 gram of glutamic acid and natural form of glutamine which is also an essential requirement of body and also have 5.7 Grams of Natural BCAAs which helps in formation of muscles and increase strength of the body.
  • It is Genuine and well authenticated product.
  • It comes along with more than 20 flavours which is quite easy to mix in any medium and also easily digestible by human body.


  • It Comes with the isolate 100% pure whey protein form which is quite easy to digest as compare to other protein supplement powders.
  • This supplement powder is providing both isolate and concentrate whey proteins with their best effective results.
  • If you are an athlete than this supplement will be beneficial for you as it contains 5.7 gram of natural BCAAs which helps in increasing stamina and strength.
  • As It comes along with more than 20 Different Flavours which is easily mixable in any consuming source.


  • There is complain being registered for some of its flavour taste, although there are different types of flavours you can try. The problem is occurring with few of them.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard is the number 1 selling protein supplement powder in the world. It is an effective products for body builders and for athlete also. It is the cheapest best effective powder you can buy for the best results.

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  2. AS-IT-IS Nutrition Whey Protein


AS-IT-IS Nutrition is the most recommended and best-selling supplement powder. It is the effective whey protein which gives all the nutrition essential for a body in a very cheap and affordable price. This genuine product comes in both isolated and concentrate form, where isolate whey protein contains the 100% whey protein in the purest form and the concentrate whey protein contains 80% of protein with all bodybuilders such as Lactose, natural form of glutamine, amount of fat according to the requirement of human body.

Benefits of AS-IT-IS Nutrition Whey Protein

  • AS-IT-IS nutrition is a primary source of protein. It provides the purest form (isolate) and the concentrated form with their best effect.
  • It rapidly promotes the muscle building and also helps in gaining lean muscle body
  • AS-IT-IS Nutrition is present in its natural and raw protein form which is beneficial for the boost recovery of the muscle body.
  • It is high concentrated with protein as each serving of its scoop contains 30 gram nutrition, from which 24 gram is protein ( in concentrated 80% form) and 5.45 gram of BCAAs is present which makes it more effective and can also be used by an athlete.


  • It is a high quality whey protein supplement manufactured in us company. It is genuine product and well authenticated by a various lab tested to guarantee about the purity of protein.
  • It donot comes with flavour and can be easily added with any protein bar, juice, shakes, milks etc. it is quite comfortable in digesting. You can easily add any of the flavour to it.
  • It is non Gmo and is quite free of Gluten.
  • In concentrated form each serving of its scoop contains 30 gram nutrition, from which 24 gram is protein ) and 5.45 gram of BCAAs is present which makes it more effective.
  • Fix in budget- it is the best cheapest whey protein present in the market today.


  • AS-IT-IS Nutrition is unflavoured which is quite difficult to consume by most of the customers- To overcome this problem you can add some types of flavour into it which will make it tastier.
  • Customers are complaining for the digestion problems- If you are suffering from any types of liver problems or digestion problem, please stop using it without the consult of doctor as this nutrition is highly effective so it will have a minor problems at the start.

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  3. Muscle Pharm Combat Powder Advanced Protein Supplement Powder   

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Muscle Pharm Combat is scientificely sophisticated protein supplement powder. This highly effective is most recommended for bodybuilders and athlete. This supplement powder is a high source of protein and is to effective way Nowadays building lean muscles and building best-sellingbulky body. Muscle Pharm Combat is known as the best fuel used by most of the bodybuilder. Protein is the essential macronutrient for mass gaining and muscle building. As it contains High-quality protein which also helps in recovery of muscle tissues, it also of the fat reduction. The developing and Active bodies always demand analyzesource containing high-quality protein. This protein is designed to fulfil all these essential terms.

Benefits of Muscle Pharm Combat

  • It contains the high quality source protein. It usually have 25 grams of pure protein per serving.
  • It is known for the Fast recovery of muscle tissue when consumed after post workout which helps in rapid muscle building and also helps in fast releasing proteins for the body requirements.
  • It is quite easy to digest by a human body and can be easily mixed in any source.
  • It usually contains more than 4 powerful high quality proteins and also contains BCAA’s.
  • It helps in transformation of bulky body and also helps in build lean muscle body to gain mass.
  • It is quite comfortable to know that this product is also comes with Gluten free.
  • It is genuine and well authenticated product.


  • This genuine product comes with the Great loving taste and can be easily mix in any source.
  • Somehow it is Slow in digesting but helps in releasing proteins fast.
  • It comes with different types of flavours.


  • Some of the consumers have complaint about its taste that it contains a major amount of sugar.

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4. Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydrowhey

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Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydrowhey protein is highly innovative and hydrolyzed whey. Also, the most recommended supplement powder in the market. With the help of additional nutrition in this supplement it helps in fast recovery of the muscles also if you are doing a heavy training. Optimum Nutrition whey is the best selling supplement powder in the world as it provides the varieties in its product. it also provides the purest complex form of protein which instantly starts its effect on the body. Each serving of this supplement contains ultra-pure and easily digestible nutrition. This supplement is also used by the athlete due to the presence of high-quality Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) which is totally natural. Optimum Nutrition can be easily mixed in any medium and can be consumed by water, milk and shake etc. for the best result Consume it after the heavy post workout.

Benefits of Optimum Nutrition Hydrowhey  Protein

  • It is manufactured by highly hydrolyzed Whey Protein which is 100% purest form and helpful for fastest recovery.
  • It usually contains 30 Grams of Pure form of Protein and 8.7 gram of natural occurring BCAAs per Serving and is also loaded with some other additional nutrients like Leucine, isoleucine etc.
  • It only contains very less amount of fat and sugar ( 1 gram per serving )
  • It is very easily mixable into any medium and is very compact to digest by our body.


  • Each serving of this supplement contains 30 grams of high amount of ultra pure protein and 8.7 gram of natural BCAAs per serving
  • It comes along with different flavours as all the flavour tastes great and is easily digestible.
  • If you want to make shake it is very easy to Blend.
  • No excess of fat, cholesterol and lactose is present in this supplement in high amount.


  • Price- Optimum Nutrition price are very high due to essential nutrients in natural form are present in it which is highly effective for our body.

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  5. HealthKart 100% Whey Protein

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Healthkart whey protein is cheap and effective supplement protein powder which his manufactured by largest genuine health product selling company “Healthkart”. Healthkart gives you the best of the budget protein. It provides the concentrated form of protein in natural and pure form. This protein is generally manufactured for training athletes and covers all the bodybuilding requirements. It usually contains the additional nutrients like EAAs, BCAAs and SEAAs which help in providing vital amino acids to the muscles for rapid transformation.

Benefits of Healthkart 100% Whey Protein

  • Healthkart whey protein is the cheapest and highly effective supplement powder. It contains all the natural occurring nutrients in their purest forms.
  • It also contains 4.21 gram of Glutamic acid per serving which increases the rate of production of nitric oxide in the body and also provides strength and stamina for the intense workout.
  • It usually contains 24 gram of natural ultra pure whey protein and also loaded with additional nutrients like 11.28 grams of EAAs, 5.29 grams of BCAAs and 3.65 grams of SEAAs per serving.
  • It is manufactured as a vegetarian product and is genuine product.


  • It is the cheapest and highly effective supplement powder and contains the purest form of the nutrients.
  • It is authenticated as a genuine product.
  • Healthkart whey protein is in unflavoured state so that you can add  any of the flavour to it it is easily mixable and also easy to digest.
  • It donot contains any types of added preservatives, gluten, sugar etc.
  • It comes in both flavoured and unflavoured state.


  • Consumers are facing problems with the unflavoured whey protein. It donot taste well. You can try the supplement whey protein which has the best result and reviews.

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